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A decision

RGI does not relocate production to low-wage countries and thus safeguards the future of jobs in the region.

Manufacturing areas

to produce inexpensively, in the highest quality, on time and without high administrative effort.

Quality from Germany

As an internationally active and renowned manufacturer, supplier and service provider, it is important for us to give Germany a perspective, take on responsibility and secure the future for the next generation.

Some of the required materials, basic elements and components are manufactured by (according to our quality standards) suppliers according to the specifications (technical drawings, parts lists etc.) from RGI Industriemessgeräte GmbH.

All electronic assemblies, mechanical components and finished products go through a corresponding quality and function control after manufacture.

As a medium-sized company

we made a conscious decision to produce in Germany.

We produce for the global market and are therefore not alone, but are under competitive pressure and face this challenge.

Nevertheless , we produce successfully in Germany, achieve satisfactory yields, grow and therefore invest.

And it has been for over 30 years.

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The existence of our company

for more than 30 years we have been right because:

  • we are interested in long-term success and not in quick money
  • our employees, who come from the region, are closely involved in the success
  • the corporate concept is not constantly being overturned, but we are adaptable and adaptable to the dynamic global market
  • Our products are powerful because our engineers and developers put their long-standing knowledge and creativity into it

● The technical and non-technical work processes in the company are continuously developing

● Flat structures at RGI allow a high degree of personal responsibility, but also a large degree of freedom of choice among employees 

● our purchasing department is far from being just a procurement department 

● The production at RGI is very well structured with a good mix between automation and manual processes for our needs and requirements 

● The ERP system used is the link between all company processes

This attitude

is the result of hard, continuous work and sustainably confirms the success of our company.

In order to continue producing successfully in Germany in the long term, we continue to rely on the following principles:
● Motivation, qualification, management and promotion of our employees
● In-house process gearing and coordination
● Speed ​​and reliability in our actions as a regional company
● Strengthening the image of the "Made in Germany" trademark
● Real customer orientation through good and fair performance
● Realize the claim to experience and implement customer needs

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Our production comprises the following areas:

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