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From  the idea to the feasible solution, that has been RGI's guiding principle for more than 30 years.

The  work of engineers and specialists will continue to develop and produce devices and systems for industrial use in the future.


As  an owner-managed company based in the region of Northern Black Forest, at RGI Industriemessgeraete GmbH we have been striving to create more efficient processes, a healthier environment and a safer working environment for our customers through high-quality products and services.

The right partner for you

Our  customers have trusted in our solutions for demanding tasks for many years, which has always been the focus of our work.

In  order do justify to this, we have formulate the business model and our corporate principles accordingly.

A modern enterprise

As  a medium-sized company, RGI Industriemessgeraete GmbH stands with over 30 years of product know-how for measuring systems and components for the non-contact determination of various process parameters (density and moisture) mainly in bulk goods (coal, potash salt) based on different physical measuring principles, combined with market and application experience on the Field of contactless measurement methods ..

With  our employees at the headquarter in the region of Northern Black Forest and worldwide partners, we support our customers in an application and solution-oriented manner to ensure the highest level of product safety and efficiency over the entire useful life of our products.


RGI  industriemessgeraete GmbH - non-contact measurement - with today's business location in Bad Wildbad was founded in Straubenhardt in 1984.

The  business activities started with three employees. There are now 15 permanent and freelance employees.

RGI  is active in the areas of development, production and worldwide sales of measurement systems and components for the determination of various measurement parameters (e.g. density, humidity), mainly in bulk materials (e.g. coal, potassium salt), using non-contact methods based on various physical measurement principles.

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In  the meantime, the product range has expanded steadily over the past three decades.

Due  to this sustainable growth of the company and the workforce, the business and production facilities were moved to Bad Wildbad in 1995.

The  newly acquired building in the Beermiss industrial area offers more space and opportunities for the company's growing production and delivery program.

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With  currently 15 employees in development, production, administration and sales at the Bad Wildbad location in the northern region of Black Forest, the company RGI Industriemessgeraete GmbH has consolidated and expanded its place - also internationally - in the measurement technology sector.

This  is what the company RGI China stands for, for many years: as our official representative in and for the Asian market, it has been responsible for sales and service.

RGI  is - although a small, but nevertheless a continuously growing and stable company that can act and react quickly, flexibly, independently and adaptably on the market.

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How we position ourselves

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Highest quality

Because  RGI GmbH is committed to quality, we take all measures, to ensure that our products and services meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

To  do this , we orientate ourselves to the best in the industry, constantly improve our quality management and supply our customers with system solutions that meet the applicable legal requirements.

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Environmental protection

As  a medium-sized company, we share responsibility for protecting our and our customers' environment.

Therefore  RGI strives to deal consciously with and in the procurement of natural resources and is committed to complying with the applicable laws and the associated guidelines for protecting the environment, health and safety.

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Standards und regulations

To  be in compliance  with applicable to our business legal and industry-specific regulations and standards is of particular importance in our daily work due to the materials and modern technologies used.

That's  why we have introduced some additional policies and procedures to protect the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and the environment.

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modern technologies

We  are a medium-sized company in a region that is known for successful companies, world-leading technologies "Made in Germany" and numerous innovations.

RGI  Industriemessgeraete GmbH has been developing, producing and selling measuring instruments, systems and solutions for industrial use for more than 30 years and has tirelessly endeavored to drive the future through innovation.

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professional competence

As  a supplier, system provider and problem solver, we advise our customers on our extensive product portfolio and also as support in the development, optimization and introduction of new applications and technologies.

Every  day at RGI we strive to create a healthier world, a safer environment and more efficient production processes through high-quality products and services.

Gobal player

With   its devices, systems, systems and components, the company has earned a good reputation worldwide.

We  owe this - not least - to our partners in over 30 countries and national and international suppliers.

At  RGI we can proudly refer to a number of successful projects with well-known and market-leading companies in Germany and abroad.

RGI - the right partner

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Business model

RGI  is a reliable, solution-oriented company and offer high-quality devices, systems and components from a single source.

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Business principles

We  have formulated our company philosophy based on the business model, the goals, our responsibility and the company's history.

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