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is  important to ensure long-term and successful customer satisfaction.


It  is a long way from an idea to a new product, which has been planned and controlled.


Experience  and success are the basis for the things we focus on.

From the idea to the new product

As  an international active and well knowed manufacturer and supplier of measuring systems for the non-contact determination of various process parameters (e.g. density, moisture) mainly in bulk materials (e.g. coal, potassium salt) using different physical measuring principles, all devices and systems have been and have been our own since the company RGI GmbH was founded Specialists and employees developed.

We  work closely with our customers in the design phase and later in the test phase before introducing them to series production, in order to recognize and implement the requirements of the market on the one hand, and to successfully launch the products on the other.

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Studies  show that a large part of the sales growth of companies is generated from new products.

Thus,  it is usually very profitable for companies to develop and manufacture new products, even if a lot of money is initially invested in the development of new products, because you get a lot back afterwards.

This was recognized early at RGI.

Strategic reasons

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Langf-term company growth

With new products, RGI is pursuing the goal of generating new sales and profits in the future in order to secure long-term growth.


Creation of a balanced product-portfolio 

As a manufacturing company, we strive to have a good balance between old and new products.


Partizipation in technical progress

Technology is developing at a rapid pace today. This also forces us to adapt our products to technical progress.


Aquire new markets

With new products, we also pursue the goal of opening up new industries and markets,


Important criteria

Product  development and product design are elementary components of a successful product strategy.

In  addition to technical and business issues, numerous legal regulations must be observed.

The  following topics are relevant in the individual phases of product development:
● Market analysis (customers, competitors)
● State of the art
● Innovation management
● CE marking and standards
● Product safety and labeling
● Funding for research and development
● Industrial property rights
● Technology transfer
● Technical documents
● logistics
● packaging
● Disposal of electrical devices / WEEE
● Battery law
● REACH regulation
● Sales concept
● Market launch
● Export / internationalization

Development stages

from the idea to the serial product

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The idea

● from customer discussions, feedback and market observation
● Assessment of benefits, feasibility and market opportunities


Requirements analysis

● Assessment and definition of the requirements
● Creation of the specification
● Determination of profitability



● Determination of the technology
● Define the system architecture
● Development of the individual components and modules


Sample construction

● Specification and refinement of the details
● First implementation in a laboratory sample
● Basis for the first functional model



● Development tools, resources
● Construction prototype
● Supplier explorations


Serial production

● Development of precise production processes
● Planning quality management
● Development of test and inspection equipment

Development at RGI:



Due  to the often harsh application conditions for our measuring technology, there are special requirements for the mechanical design.



Important  part of all modern measurement technology because it´s the basis for the acquisition and evaluation of the process parameters.

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User  software and processor firmware enable communication with and internal processing of the process-controlled hardware

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Test phase

In  the sample phase, the results of the tests under real conditions are important for the further development and adaptation of the product


The development continues

The development does not end with the introduction to the serial production of new devices and systems.

A wide variety of customer requirements and wishes, but also market and competition analyzes, always lead to modifications to the design, electronics or software and firmware.

In the case of repeated requests and implementation, such adaptations are included in the standard versions of the technology, as long as this does not require a complete revision of the existing product or even a new development.

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