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Manual production

Despite the use of mechanically equipped assemblies, a lot of manual work is required

Your specialists for non-contact measurements

As  an international active and renowned manufacturer, supplier and service provider of measuring systems for the non-contact determination of various process parameters (e.g. density and humidity) mainly in bulk goods (e.g. coal, potash salt) using different physical measuring principles, a large part of the electronic assemblies, mechanical components and accessories in the manufactured or assembled in-house workshop.

Nowadays,  electronic assemblies are so complex and compact that manual assembly is only possible and profitable with conventional or sensitive components.

Serial  production also requires mechanical assembly in order to guarantee large quantities and consistently high quality in the shortest possible time.

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Manual  assembly of PCBs with conventional components is carried out by our qualified employees at appropriately equipped workstations with modern hand soldering stations.

This  enables us to work flexibly and to react quickly to changing requirements or specifications.

In  the case of service, repairs can also be carried out quickly - without having to go through the placement machine

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You have questions - need help - ´re looking for a solution?

Our staff would be happy to help you and take care of your inquiries and orders.

You can get help and advice on the selection of the measuring system that best suits your application
from our experts in process measurement technology.