Types of radiation

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Various  types of radiation are used in classical and owerdays industrial measurement technology.

Types of radiation

To  be able to use different types of radiation in the right way, it´s necessary  to know and understand them.


All  the different types of radiation have found their place in many areas of industrial measurement technology.

Your specialists for non-contact measurements

As  an international active and renowned manufacturer, supplier and service provider for devices, systems and systems for the contactless detection of various process parameters (e.g. density and humidity) mainly of bulk materials (coal and potassium salt), we are aware of the responsibility in handling and using the radiation sources used .

That  is why we rely on qualified and appropriately trained employees who are regularly trained in accordance with legal requirements and who undergo preventive health care.

As a provider

of  industrial solutions in the field of non-contact measurement technology we use a wide variety of measuring principles..

Therefore  we utilize the different physical specificities of the characteristics of these measuring principles for a wide range of applications.

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For our products

we  use the physical laws and characteristics of:

  • gamma and beta radiation,
  • neutron radiation,
  • ultrasound,
  • microwaves,
  • infrared radiation.

All of used by us

types  of radiation occur in our natural environment without us feeling them or harming us.

The  intensity and frequencies of the radiation used in our measuring systems are even below the natural level and are therefore harmless to the health of the user.

Nevertheless,  all of the standards and provisions for occupational health and safety are taken into account and implemented in the devices and systems we use.

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When  we talk about radiation, we mean the electromagnetic spectrum, which is divided into different areas because of its wide range of electromagnetic waves occurring in nature.

The  assumption that radio, micro, light and x-ray waves are one and the same phenomenon was made by J.C. Maxwell in 1861-64 during his research work concerning his "dynamic theory of the electromagnetic field" and proved for the first time with the Hertzian experiments.

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Overview of radiation types:

That's what makes RGI products so special

User friendly

● simple, intuitive teaching
● retrofitting
● no contact with the material to be measured
● Measurement independent of:
- medium
- process conditions

Safety and quality

● Maintenance-free because there is no wear
● high operational reliability
● Long-term stable measurement
● Recalibration is not necessary
● Checks before delivery:
- Quality, climate and function

"Made in Germany"

● own development and production in Germany
● Use of high quality materials and components
● Use of proven technology
● Worldwide sales and on-site service by trained personnel

Use in industrial measurement technology

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