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RGI  Industriemessgeraete GmbH offers a comprehensive advice across our whole product package to support you in developing and optimizing your processes and applications with new ideas and technologies.


experience  a healthy mix of knowledge transfer, fair payment, good development opportunities and a real work-life balance, because we want to bind them to our company in the long term.


Our  main concern is to deliver the highest quality to every customer.

Our  QM system according to DIN ISO 9001-2015 takes this into account.

Customer satisfaction always in focus

As  a producer, supplier and service provider for devices, systems and systems for the contactless recording of various process parameters (e.g. density and humidity) mainly of bulk goods (e.g. coal and potassium salt) we want to offer our customers the most effective solutions for their processes.

That  is why our company philosophy is based on the business model, the goals, our responsibility and the company history.

Customers and partners

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Customers  around the world have relied on RGI's support in their efforts for more environmentally friendly industries, more efficient and resource-saving manufacturing processes for many decades.

Our  deep understanding of the subject and extensive knowledge of the scientific context and practical experience in connection with modern cutting-edge technologies enable our customers to master the most demanding tasks with the tools and solutions offered.

Our  employees and partners qualify for this through experience, expert knowledge and passion - together we thus improve life in a meaningful way.

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We  are committed to understanding and meeting our customers' needs and expectations because our goal is to be a reliable partner for our customers, suppliers and other business partners.

We  deliver products and services and products of the highest quality, security and in professional integrity, as the basis for a sustainable existence of RGI.

We  select goods and business partners based on reliability, quality, service, price and other relevant conditions.

We  rely on cooperation with business partners who, like us, advocate clean business conduct.


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As  a small, medium-sized company, it is our tradition to consider our employees as our greatest asset and to be committed to their well-being and personal development.

We  therefore promote a work environment that is characterized by teamwork, open discussions, honest communication and individual performance.

In  our day-to-day work, our employees are given the opportunity to take risks, research ideas, bring in solutions and find new ways to be successful.

In  doing so , they avoid that personal relationships or interests influence or could influence business decisions.

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We  value cultural differences and respect people for what they are, their knowledge, skills and experience and therefore work together with mutual trust and respect in order to be able to achieve the best of each other and to create strong and successful working relationships.

We  respect different cultural, ethnic, ethical and religious backgrounds and commit ourselves to the principle of equality to treat people regardless of gender, age, origin, skin color, disability, nationality, religion, sexual identity and orientation or other protected idiosyncrasies and activities.



It  must be a matter of course for every company to constantly face the market. From this perspective, consistently high quality is an indispensable basis for the long-term protection of our company.

This  applies to both the quality of the products and the quality of all services for our customers. We face this challenge, the management and all employees of the company, in our daily work.

In  August 2010, a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 was therefore introduced and maintained in our company for the first time. This was then replaced by the QMS in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 in July 2016 and has been maintained since then.

Since  our company should meet customer requirements and continue to exist successfully on the market, we make it clear to everyone involved how important it is for us to achieve this goal.

mobirise, pixabay
mobirise, pixabay

Therefore,  the following principles apply to us while observing and taking into account the constant change in standards, customer requests and market movements:


You have questions - need help - ´re looking for a solution?

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You can get help and advice on the selection of the measuring system that best suits your application
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